The Upright Remodeling Approach

When you hire the Upright Construction Services, you surround yourself with considerate, hardworking, efficient people. We know remodeling experiences have a reputation of being stress-filled times. We work to make this period as tension-free as possible by doing all of the planning before the first construction crew parks their trucks in front of your home. Our architect and designer work seamlessly with you and the rest of the Upright team, creating your dream visions based on thorough conversations with you. In fact, these talks are the beginning of a process that captures every detail you have merely dreamt of and places it all on paper before the builders enter the scene.

With twenty years of experience, we have refined our estimate system: You will know exactly how much your remodel will cost up front. Our monthly invoice aligns with this estimate, and our constant communication style means if we foresee any changes to your plan, you sign-off before they happen. We work hard to ensure that your remodel is a pressure free experience.  In fact, clients tell us they miss our team members after the last finishing touch is complete.

Master Builders Award

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